Alfredo Cáceres

Multi-Style Guitarist and Composer
New Album
A collaboration with guitarist and sound engineer Waldo Valenzuela.
Available now:
Available now:
Our Project

The project’s basic premise is to set an acoustic album that describes our musical journey as Guitarists and Composers, now as a duo. The main idea of this recording is to put together a set of nylon guitar styles that covers music from South America, Central America, Spain and Middle Eastern.

We have included some ethnic rhythms like “Chacarera” from Argentina/Chile, “Partido Alto” and “Samba do Rancho” from Brazil, “Bolero” and “Salsa” from Central America as well as “Rumba Flamenca” from Spain, “Gipsy Jazz” and some Middle Eastern rhythms, all fusioned with a twist of Jazz.

As a result of our different influences as musicians is that finally our album has ended as a beautiful world music guitar project.

We had the fortune to count with some of the best musicians of Los Angeles as well as some of the best instrumentists worldwide.

We are so proud to present HISPANICA, a humble rendition to our main engine in life….Music.

Feautured invited guests

Jorge Strunz (Costa Rica)
Georges Reyes (France)
Michael O'Neill (USA)
Dimitris Mahlis (Greece)
Marcelo Cordova (Chile)
Patricio Castillo (Chile)
Leo Chelyapov (Russia)
Marco Renteria (Mexico)


Joey Heredia (USA)
Alfredo López (Chile)
Christian Moraga (Chile)
Gino Gamboa (Peru)
Sal Ojeda (Mexico)
Eliseo Borrero (Puerto Rico)
Jamie Papish (USA)
Mario César Oretea (Bolivia)
Matías Alvear (Ecuador)
Carlos Vivas (Colombia)
Dantai López (Puerto Rico)
Arturo “Turra” Medina (Chile)

Songs written & arranged by Alfredo Cáceres & Waldo Valenzuela except for Rio McBoggie Part II composed by Alfredo Cáceres, Johny Sandoval and Jim McMillen.

All songs recorded and mixed at Waldoval Studios for Waldoval Entertainment by Waldo Valenzuela (Van Nuys, CA).

Tracks 7 & 11 mixed by Arturo “Turra” Medina at Turramusic Studio (Los Angeles,CA).

Tracks 3 & 10 mixed by Sal Ojeda (Pasadena,CA).

Drums on tracks 3 & 10 recorded by Sal Ojeda. (Pasadena,CA).

Drums on track 11 recorded by Carlos Flood at Groove Gallery (Burbank,CA).

Hand Percussion on tracks 2 & 11 recorded by Arturo "Turra" Medina at Turramusic Studio (Los Angeles, CA).

Vocals on tracks 5 & 7 recorded by Georges Reyes (Tarascon, France).

Mastered by Gonzalo Ramos at Studios Mix (Almeria, Spain).